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GoodLux 180* Armband phone holder

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GoodLux Armband phone holder is the Perfect Wrist Band For High PerformersĀ 

This makes life on the move easy and convenient! Strap it onto your wrist to make your phone easily accessible while you run, cycle, or perform more demanding activities!

It creates a firm rotating hold for your phone to ensure itā€™s always beside you. The elastic band is breathable and non-slip, perfect for high-performance activities!

Your phone is never in the way and is always an inch away when you need it, nothing can slow you down from performing at your best with this by your side!


Always beside you-Ā Take your life to the extreme knowing your phone will never fall off your wrist no matter what activity you do!

Maximum freedom -Ā Keep your phone close by without burdening your hands to give yourself the convenience and freedom you deserve!

Perform at your best -Ā Ensure nothing stops you from performing at your best! Stay in touch with your phone without hindering your movement!

This is the ultimate option -Ā Get seamless access to your phone so you can stay active without anything slowing you or your workout down!


The perfect workout companion...


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