About us


My Wife and i during a Safari Trip


Allrj is a New Jersey based bodybuilding gear and accessory online store. My wife and I are bodybuilding & fitness enthusiasts and absolutely love and live the fitness lifestyle.  Combined we have been in the fitness industry for well over 20 years. I personally started working out in my back yard of my mother's house with a couple of friends. As time went on the only one that was left and continued working out was me :)

Thus was born my love for bodybuilding and anything having to do with fitness or competitive bodybuilding. This store was created out of my love for the bodybuilding and fitness communities which I love.

The apparel soft lines collection, Apparel, and accessories are carefully curated and updated for those who love aesthetic quality design and comfort in order to maximize their physical fitness and performance.

Why does this matter?...

I believe that you don't need to over spend on practical gym and workout gear or sacrifice comfort for style.Our store exists for the passionate individuals who won't quit in the face of adversity and for those that stand for something greater.

A portion of the proceeds from our sales goes to some of our favorite charities in our home country of the Dominican Republic. We also plan to fund and partner up with local gyms & sports clubs in the region and bring more awareness and fit lifestyle.

Thank you for stopping by the site and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us via the messenger button.


May the gains be with you,