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Allrj high grade Barbell curl bar

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 ·The Olympic bar is designed to withstand 200 pounds and is equipped with 2 spring rings.
 ·The design of the Olympic bar allows a variety of exercises, such as bench push, rowing, squat, shoulder training or lunge squat. It can be used at home or taken to the gym to exercise muscles and relieve stress.
 ·The Olympic weightlifting pole is made of high-grade steel and has unparalleled oxidation resistance. It will not rust and deform after normal use for several years. ​​​
 ·This Olympic weightlifting pole uses knurled handles to improve grip. These knurling not only increase friction, but also have anti-skid performance. They can improve the safety of sports.
 ·The smooth rotating sleeve prevents deformation, reduces excessive pressure on the wrist and allows you to move more safely.

 ·Color: Silver
 ·Material: Q235 steel
 ·Surface material: Chrome
 ·Maximum load: 200lb (90kg)
 ·Package size: 72.8x5.1x3.9 inches (185x13x10cm)
 ·Product size: 70.8x2x2 inches (180x5x5cm)
 ·Gross weight: 30.8 lbs (14 kg)
 ·Net weight: 25.3 lbs (11.5 kg)
 ·Total length: 70 inches (180 cm)
 ·Sleeve diameter: 1.96 inch (5 cm)
 ·1 Olympic weightlifting pole
 ·2 clamps


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