Helpful Tips for Getting Back onto the Field This Summer

Helpful Tips for Getting Back onto the Field This Summer

Whew, it’s been a year. As a parent, you’ve already been concerned about your child’s activity level during the pandemic, and with good cause. While screen time soared, children accustomed to playing on organized teams and in parks were sequestered indoors for their own health and safety. Not only do they need activity outdoors, now they have to become acclimated again to outdoor exercise and play while also reentering society and practicing friendship sets. So how can you help your kids be ready for getting back on the field this summer?

Start Training

It’s critical to teach your children that it’s not going to be exactly the same when they try to run down the court this time! Many bodies, including those of children, have spent a lot of time lying down indoors, and it’s going to take some training to get those lungs accustomed to getting back to the harder work! Don’t despair—simple training exercises and ongoing efforts in small bits can make training fun for both you and your children.

Prevent Injury

You want to teach your children that in exercise in general, and training in specific, it is important to choose safety equipment to protect your body from injuries. Don’t skimp on the head gear, protection for elbows and knees, and other sensitive body parts! According to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, mouthguards reduce the chances of dental injuries by 82 percent. Eye protection can prevent major sight oriented injuries. Remember, some things aren’t replaceable.

Listen to Your Child

Most importantly, listen to your child. Some children love soccer, while others love Jujitsu. Some adore playing baseball and others love track. According to Active for Life, you must remember that your goal is for your child to learn to work in a team and to enjoy exercise. If this means swapping sports, this is the perfect time to learn something new! If it means training in the early morning before heat, or in an indoor gym, that’s ok, too. Take your child’s sensory considerations as factors, because your goal is long-term health!


It’s a great time to learn a sport, and make life-long friends which exist on teams all over the country. Figure out what goals your kids have for their sports, and help them train, and teach them to have fun. They will mirror your enjoyment as they practice the good things you are teaching. This means you get to get off the couch as well!

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