How to Quickly Recover After Rolling an Ankle

How to Quickly Recover After Rolling an Ankle

The ankle is a sensitive spot on the body. It doesn’t seem to take much effort to accidentally roll yours. Otherwise known as a sprained ankle, these injuries can be painful and even incapacitating. Fortunately, there are some ways to alleviate the pain and recover quickly.

Use Ice

Applying ice as soon as possible is one of the best ways to resolve your ankle injury in a quick fashion. It’s recommended to apply an ice pack within 48 hours of the injury. In addition to helping with muscle pains and spasms, ice reduces and prevents swelling. You can easily create a cold pack by putting some ice cubes in a zip bag. Always cover your ice pack in a small towel before placing it against your skin. Try to reapply your pack every two hours.


It may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to rest your ankle, too. When you roll it, the ligaments may tear or stretch. As such, your injury is going to need some time to heal itself. There’s no "one size fits all" time frame for your ankle to feel better, so be sure to take it slowly. In the best situations, your pain may go away after a few days, but it may take weeks. If you find your ankle is still hurting, keep resting until you’re healed.

Take Weight Off the Injury

To help your ankle, consider taking force off the injury. Obviously, you’ll still have to move around, but you can do so without putting pressure on your foot and ankle. It is recommended to reduce weight on the injury with crutches or an alternative. Crutches are an excellent choice with their easy accessibility and user-friendly design. You could also invest in a stable cane. Regardless of your selection, choose an assisted device that allows you a non-weight bearing way of movement.


You can help heal your ankle quickly by applying a compression wrap. Elastic bandages are readily available and easy to put on by yourself. Compression sleeves also help to reduce swelling. To effectively wrap your ankle, you’ll need to cover from above the injury to the middle of your foot. You want the compression bandage to be tight but not to the point where your circulation is cut off. If it hurts or your foot feels numb, you should unwrap and apply again. For added protection, you can place a protective brace over the wrap.

Rolling your ankle certainly isn’t a fun experience, but it should provide some comfort that you can take care of the injury at home. By wrapping your ankle and applying ice, you can reduce the swelling. If you rest your ankle and reduce the pressure, it will heal more quickly.

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