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FlutterPaws Interactive Cat Toy

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FlutterPaws Interactive Cat Toy – the ultimate playmate for your beloved feline companion! Crafted to engage your cat's natural instincts, this innovative toy boasts a captivating rotating butterfly that flutters and twirls, offering boundless entertainment and exercise. 

  • Engaging Play: Stimulate your cat's hunting instincts with the rotating butterfly, encouraging active play and exercise.
  • Interactive Design: Witness your cat's playful antics as they pounce, swat, and leap in pursuit of the colorful fluttering wings, promoting mental stimulation and physical activity.
  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted with quality materials, this toy is built to endure even the most enthusiastic play sessions, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Easy Operation: Simply switch on the toy and observe your cat's excitement unfold – no complex setup required.
  • Suitable for All Cats: Whether your cat is young or old, big or small, the FlutterPaws Interactive Cat Toy provides entertainment and enrichment for all.


Q: Is this toy safe for my cat to use unsupervised? A: Absolutely! The FlutterPaws Interactive Cat Toy is designed with your cat's safety as a top priority. However, we always recommend supervising your pet during playtime.

Q: Can I replace the butterfly attachment if it gets damaged? A: Yes, you can purchase replacement butterfly attachments separately to ensure uninterrupted playtime for your cat.

Q: How do I clean the toy? A: Cleaning the toy is a breeze – simply wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Remember to turn off the toy and remove the butterfly attachment before cleaning.

Please note: Due to popularity of this product please allow 10-15 days for it to arrive via free shipping as we ramp up production.

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