Why You Need a Power Playlist When Working Out

Why You Need a Power Playlist When Working Out

There is nothing like an intense workout to start or even finish a great day. When you work out, you want to make sure you get the most of your time. That's where a power playlist comes in. A power playlist is a selection of songs specifically curated to pump you up. The following are three of the most important reasons why you need a power playlist for your time at the gym.

Improves Numbers

First things first. A power playlist is one the best ways to increase your numbers. If you don't like the music the gym is playing, you'll be less likely to exert full effort. A playlist with songs that raise your adrenaline and get you going also helps you lift heavier weights and increases your duration. In short, if you want to maximize your workout, according to Body Spartan, you have to maximize your playlist.

Makes Cardio Less Boring

Not everyone likes cardio. To some, it is boring and doesn't require the same grit and strength as weight training. For others, the constant feeling of pain can make it hard to push through a workout. Because it is the worst part of your workout, music becomes crucial here. Viiva explains that not only can it be more entertaining, but a solid playlist can boost your confidence, and keep you moving even when you start to feel the suck from cardio. Music, in a word, will make cardio bearable.


Working out to a power playlist leads to one of the most effective workouts and simultaneously most effective catharsis you can achieve. A catharsis is that release of negative energy, and when you do that at the gym, you can channel it toward a more productive lifting session. It is important to give it your all when working out, and choosing the right music can help you do that. It can also help you get all of your frustration from the day out. Picking a power playlist ensures that your workout is focused and intense and that you feel good, calm, and relaxed when your workout has come to a close. According to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, powerful playlists help you release endorphins, which in turn make your gym time as effective as possible.

You don't really need a reason to listen to the commonly bad music they blast through the gym speakers. However, the three things above should be all it takes to motivate you. Making a power playlist saves you time and helps you channel your strength and energy in the right ways at the gym to improve your workout.

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