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How to Find Time For Fitness When You Have a Busy 9-to-5

With only so many hours in the day, who wants to spend an hour or two each day in the gym? While it's undeniable that even just a half an hour of exercise a day has tremendous benefits, sometimes suiting up and heading to the gym is just too time-consuming to justify the efforts. Instead, incorporate daily fitness and exercise into your daily routine and find ways to stay fit, even if you have a busy full-time job.

Early Mornings Early Nights

If you're serious about staying healthy or getting in shape, you may want to consider restructuring your day to fit your workout in the early mornings or nights. Most gyms have a locker room and spa-like shower facilities allowing you to build up a sweat and shower off before your morning marketing meeting. Morning workouts are a great way to get a productive start to your day. Early evening workouts can also provide you a much-needed opportunity to decompress before heading home.

Work While at Work

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk the long way to your afternoon meeting, or consider cycling to work instead of driving. While biking to work has some risks, it is a good cardio workout. However, cardio can be time-consuming, especially if your goals are to lose weight or maintain your current body composition. You can also invest in exercise equipment for your office or cubicle such as resistance bands or dumbbells to fit in a quick set of bicep curls or overhead presses between emails and conference calls.

Multitask with Other Responsibilities

Need to refill the copier with a few reams of paper? Why not do a few overhead lifts first! Utilize the things around you to fit fitness into your workday. Replace your rolling office chair with a medicine ball for an all-day core stabilizing efforts and convenient crunches. Water jugs, file boxes and more can function as impromptu free weights, allowing you to build muscle and burn extra calories throughout the day. Got kids or pets at home? Incorporate them into your physical fitness plans by going for walks to the park or playing games together.

When you have a full-time desk job, it can be hard to find time for fitness, but it’s something that shouldn’t be ignored. It's okay if making time to hit the gym just isn't feasible every single day of the workweek. Finding ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine at the office or in your house can help maintain your long-term health even though you have a busy schedule.


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