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Volcanic Essential Oil Air Diffuser

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Volcanic Essential Oil Air Diffuser

The volcanic Oil Diffuser is a thoughtful gift, perfect for your favorite person. Its Ultrasonic technology releases soothing essential oils with a simulated flame lighting effect, and a healing smoke ring effect.

Its automatic power off function helps ensure you'll never run dry, and its smart timing settings mean it's quiet enough to run while you're sleeping or at work.

Our Essential Oil Diffuser uses a simulated flame lighting effect and healing smoke ring effect to help you relax when you're feeling stressed or miss your loved ones, and create a warm, tranquil environment. It features particularly quiet operation with precise misting at regular interval. 

1. Simulation flame lighting for effect.
2. Healing jellyfish smoke ring effect.
3. Aromatherapy soothes sleep and stress.
4. Delicate mist remove the dryness.
5. Smart 2/8 hours timing settings.
6. Automatic power off when water is used up.
7. Ultra-silent work does not disturb sleep and work.


It works by releasing an ultrasonic frequency which converts liquid into steam, and a soothing blend of essential oils can be added to give you a long-lasting fragrance.

Invigorate your sense of smell with this one of a kind diffuser

This stylish diffuser is the perfect decoration for your house and the ambient lights can also be.


The Volcano Essential Oil Diffuser combines the whirling, bubbling effect of a diffuser with the natural beauty of a candle.

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