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Split-X stretching strap

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Achieve Your Body’s Greatest Potential

Reaching your body’s full potential takes time and a ton of stretching. Fortunately for you, with our strap, you can achieve a flexible and powerful physique in no time!

This Strap provides the ideal amount of resistance to support opening your body safely no matter what fitness level you are. Firm and flexible, it never loses its form and durability!

From Yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy to pre-game warm-ups, dance, and gymnastics, you can enhance your performance to reach heights you never thought you could!


Extend your abilities- Improve your performance in all sports fields simply by opening your body’s natural abilities through stretching!

Therapy for the muscles - It stretches out all tensions to relieve your muscles from pain and condition them to take more punishment in the future!

Take control of your body- Open up your chest, legs, back, and hips from their stiff slumber and you’ll unlock your body’s hidden powers!

This is the ultimate choice- No matter your level, this will help you shape a flexible and powerful body that can conquer any challenge!

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