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Sassy women's seamless boy shorts

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Do you want a new pair of comfortable, fashionable, and sexy shorts? Then, this seamless boyshort from Allrj  is perfect for you! 

Made from a soft and stretchy seamless fabric, these boy shorts are designed to fit snugly and smoothly against your body, providing you with all-day comfort. They're perfect for wearing under tight clothing, as they won't create any visible panty lines. Plus, with their low rise and cheeky cut, they'll add a touch of playfulness to any outfit.

But it's not just about comfort and style - these boy shorts are also made to be durable and long-lasting. The seamless fabric is resistant to pilling and snags, so you can wear them again and again without worrying about them losing their shape or appearance.

So why wait? Treat yourself to a pair of Assy Women's Seamless Boy Shorts today and add a touch of fun and flirty style to your lingerie collection. You'll love the way they make you look and feel!

You can wear these even if you don't work out!

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 Whether you wear them with running shoes or flip flops -- they're perfect every time! The high-quality cotton/polyester/lycra mix fabric keeps you cool.

 Perfectly seamless..

 These Seamless Boy Shorts hit different. We made them, especially for those who want to feel confident during their Crossfit, cross, yoga workouts, or just to lounge around at home. Plus, they are sexy and playful.

 Many flavors to choose from. Get one or get them all!

The secret sauce

Style B

 Scrunched up design to show your assets 

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