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Quadgod Mens old school short

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Quadgod Men's old school short

The Quadgod Mens old school short is part of our brand new collection. Our shorts are perfect for the gym and constructed from thin, durable material that fits to the body and keeps you cool even in the hottest temperatures. We've constructed these with a reinforced top band for extra comfort, and an adjustable drawstring to ensure a secure fit around your waist.

These classic Quagod shorts are a must have for any guy looking for great gym gear. The old school colors and designs will look good in any gym and are cool enough to wear out on the town.

This standout pair of shorts will help you stand out in the crowd at the gym where most guys just wear whatever is thrown together because they haven't found anything that can compare. Pick up one of these sets today and you won't regret it.

Protip: go one size up from what you normally wear. 

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