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Professional Long Compression Knee Sleeve for the best knee protection

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Professional Long Compression Knee Sleeve for the best knee protection 
The best solution for those who enjoy cycling, running, basketball, volleyball, and other major sports safely.
Stop performing while worried about a potential injury. Protect yourself from major injuries with the very best solution for your knee.
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Gender : Unisex

Color : Silver/Gray/Green/Red/White


M-- length 54cm,down cuff circumference 18-25 cm,top cuff circumference 34-44cm,
suggest weight:<65kg people
L-- length 55cm,down cuff circumference 20-28cm,top cuff circumference 36-48cm
suggest weight:65-75kg people
XL-- length 56.5cm,down cuff circumference 22-31cm,top cuff circumference 39-54cm
suggest weight:75-90kg people

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