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Physiotherapy Reflexology Device

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Product information:

Material: leather  + sponge
Applicable scene: fitness equipment, health,  Foot massage
A:  Ordinary charging

B: Battery
C:  English display for charging digital display

D: Pink  English display for charging digital display

Built-in: silver paste meridian conduction, heat conduction technology system
Functions: sole physiotherapy, massage, acupoint stimulation, pain relief, and fatigue relief
Low-frequency pulse (EPS / EMS) \ \ heat conduction technology (heat) can stimulate the muscles of the foot and calf, promote blood circulation and relax the foot.
*Soft and comfortable yoga mat material pad;
*Skin-friendly silver ion circuit printing;
*Heat conduction technology through rare earth materials;
*Separate type main engine, footpad can be cleaned with wet cloth;
*Rechargeable battery power supply;

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