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Most muscular dumbbell pendant

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Most muscular dumbbell pendant

You don't have to be a bodybuilder to look good! Wear the Most Muscular Dumbbell necklace and all heads will turn for a second look. This Gold-plated dumbbell can be worn discreetly or with flair, but either way, you'll be the talk of the gym.

Made with real stainless steel dumbbells, each 10-pound dumbbell necklace measures 23.6" in length. Jewelry doesn't have to be basic - tap into the trend of strong, powerful men's accessories that are bold enough to wear anywhere. A simple but stylish choice for all guys who want to look good with every outfit.

Be the center of attention when you lift in this Most Muscular Dumbbell necklace. Suitable for male and female fitness lovers who want a glowing unique look in the gym.

​The dumbbell necklace looks just like the real deal, but this one won't leave you dragging your back across the gym floor. This cool jewelry piece is sure to get some looks at the office, parties, or bars. Wearing this necklace will ensure you don't leave it in the gym bag.

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