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Mini Electric Portable Neck Massager Plus

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Are you tired of neck pain after you work out? then this product's for you!

100% New design and high quality

Tip: the patch should be used about 60 times. If it is not sticky, rinse it with water.

Massager, shoulder cervical massager, leg back waist massage instrument, physiotherapy instrument, massager shoulder neck massage stick
Product material: ABS + silica gel + Pu
Product color: lemon, water drop, magic circle.
Working mode: ① comprehensive mode, ② massage mode, ③ hammering mode, ④ pressing mode, ⑤ massage mode, ⑥ acupuncture mode, and ⑦ kneading mode.
Gear force: 9-gear + / - force adjustment.
Product accessories: host * 1, patch * 1, storage board * 1, instruction * 1, charging cable * 1.
Battery capacity: 75mah / battery capacity: 75mah
Charging time: 30 minutes
Battery life: 15 minutes per day, full charge, 15 days
Product weight: mainframe Accessories + color box 77g

Product dimentions:

Product size: 14 * 6.5cm/product
Color box size: 19 * 9 * 2.5cm
Outer box size: 59 * 35.5 * 25cm
Packing quantity: 100 sets / box
Net weight: 7.7kg, gross weight: 8.2kg

Package Content:
1x Massager

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