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LED-X fitness jump rope

$49.99 $89.99
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Amazingly fun LED jump rope that comes in two awesome flavors to choose from. Use it for your daily cardio or gym warm-ups. 

Multi-color: Jump rope for working out, pink, blue, and green to choose from. Whether it is a night light show or unique fitness, they are the coolest guys. Make skipping more fun and sports cooler.

Material: Ergonomic Handle Design, an environmentally friendly material, does not cause irritation to the human body. It has no edges and corners, and the led jump rope length can be adjusted, so you need to cut it by yourself.

The perfect Gift: This luminous skipping rope is really cool and could be a hit as a special gift. Whether it is Children's Day, Halloween, Christmas, his/her birthday, or in daily life, LED skipping rope is a good gift choice.

Portable: the round switch lights up as soon as you press it. Need 4 batteries to drive the light (not included). Luminous skipping rope, no matter where you can start exercise anytime, anywhere.

*Not sold in stores*

 This LED skipping rope is a good gift choice for anyone

Super simple yet amazing looking


Comes in buttery colors

Unique and will get you a great workout

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