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Flair Gym Training Short

$32.98 $101.99
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Warning: If you hate getting compliments from total strangers, these may not for you.

Made out of cotton/Spandex mix fabric these beautifully constructed shorts are the perfect fit and feel while working out. With Air wicking technology liners they are super breathable even in the most humid of gyms. The quality is second to none.

With a hidden cellphone compartment,(Say goodbye to losing your phone at the gym) you will love, these shorts are the perfect snug for your cell phone while you work out without worrying if your phone is going to fall out of your pockets while you are bench pressing.

We love training with these shorts during the summer months. Fashionable and most of all durable. We stand by this and if you are not satisfied your money back guaranteed!

Show off your hard work at the gym. Wear them for your next gym, running, Kickboxing, Boxing, or CrossFit session. 😉

Look good while you train. 

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Size chart:

The perfect companion for your Hiit session...
Boxers absolutely love these...
Be the coolest looking person in the gym or out of teh gym...
Say goodbye to chafing...
Enables true mobility while you're training...

 Never lose your cellphone again...

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