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FitTec Pro Pair of Full Coverage Knee Support, Weightlifting

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  • PAIR (2) of High Quality, professional innovative knee sleeves protect joints and provides relief from pain with these all natural, supportable, breathable knee sleeves.
  • VARIETY OF USES: Helpful for arthritis, running, impact sports, and sports injuries. Gentle compression that massages your knee while increasing circulation and blood flow.
  • INJURY PREVENTION: Prevent strain and injuries, including those caused by friction in weightlifting, golf, tennis, or running. Knee support while pregnant or after surgery to reduce pain and swelling.
  • 3D SOFT FABRIC: Innovative fabric stretches to conform to your exact need. Sleeve will fit like a glove providing consistent compression that is gentle enough to be used daily. FITS ALL SIZES- including TEENS, MEN, and WOMEN

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