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Fit Love & Passion Necklace

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Fit Love & Passion Necklace

Fit Love & Passion Necklace is a stunning fashion jewelry piece that expresses love, romance, and commitment to your husband, wife, sons, and daughters. It is a necklace for couples, a romantic gift for her or him, or it can be worn as a gift from a friend to a friend.

The fact is that this is a cute and meaningful daily reminder for yourself and your loved one. Each necklace is made from high-quality materials and is handcrafted with care. We hope this necklace brings you happiness every time you wear it.

【A statement piece】Affectionate hug necklace means that the two hearts attract and miss each other. A simple matching necklace is ideal to wear every day. It will work well as boyfriend and girlfriend necklaces even as a friendship necklace.

【Meaningful Design】: Which looks novel and lovely, can show the love and intimate relationship between lovers as well as express comfort, encouragement, and tolerance.

【Size】:Chain length: 40cm+5cm, Pendant: 3cm. 

【A special gift】It is an ideal gift for yourself, your lovers, your friends, your family (mom, sisters), or other people dear to you on birthdays, holidays, graduations, wedding gifts, etc.

Please note: The cut-off to receive the necklace by Valentine's day is February 1st.

A beautiful masterpiece ready to adorn your neck

The design on this piece just flows perfectly with your aesthetic. Subtle yet captivating to the eye.

Comes in various flavors and combinations. Get one or all 4!


* If allergy exists, stop wearing. This is a piece of jewelry, not really pure gold/silver

* Keep this product out of the reach of small children.

* Avoid working out with it as you tend to sweat.

* Take off the jewelry while bathing, washing it.

* Avoid mixing with other jewelry or hard things.

* Clean it often.

* For example, more sweat or bathing. ... etc, the color will change.


Package Includes:

1 Fit Love & Passion Necklace


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