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Earth tones sleeveless gym shirt

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The days of wearing boring gym clothes are over with this beautiful sleeveless shirt with beautiful earth tones is sure to grab the attention of all gym goers. Earth Tones Sleeveless Gym Shirt is made of a Polyester/Cotton/Spandex blend that allows breathability and movement while you work out. The v-neck design and racer-back style with elastic armholes allow for maximum comfort levels and proper coverage during movements or stretches.

You can now grab anyone's attention in the gym with the amazingly clean  earth tones sleeveless gym shirt. 

The Earth tones sleeveless gym shirt will make you look fabulous as you sweat! You will love the way this amazing shirt looks as you work out. This is also a great gift for a loved one because they will receive the support they need in order to stay fit!

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