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Digital Body Caliper

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1. High-quality materials: made of high-quality ABS materials, lightweight and durable.
2. Ergonomic design: provide a comfortable grip.
3. Accurate measurement: rigorous testing to ensure accurate results.
4. Zero calibration: press to set it to zero at any position, and then continue to measure the next part. 5. Unit conversion: simply press the button to read inches and millimeters.
5. Large LCD display: Instant results can be read in digital form, which is more convenient.
6. Data retention function: easy to query data

Model: 0-50mm
Type: Digital vernier caliper
Display mode: electronic display
Measuring range: 0-50mm (mm)
Reading value: 0.1 (mm)
Scope of application: fat quality
Material: The main body is ABS engineering plastic
Range: 0-50mm

Package Content :

1*Electronic digital caliper

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