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2 in 1 Womens Shaper

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2 in 1 Women's Shaper

Get the attention you want, buy our 2 in 1 Womens Shaper today! Fashionable and functional, we guarantee you'll love how this seamless shaper hugs your body, slimming your silhouette.

What's better than a 2 in 1 shaper? This 2 in 1 women's shaper creates a slim waistline to accentuate your figures and provide the look of an hour glass figure.

The shaper is tiny so that it compresses the waist and controls the belly area, yet won't stick out awkwardly below any outfits.

The 2 in 1 women's shaper has two layers, a top firm control layer, and a soft breathable cotton like layer on the bottom that keeps you cool all day long.

Available in both White and Black Select white if you are looking for a bit more compression to help get rid of that stubborn extra weight.

Our company is the most reliable and fastest shipper of the best activewear brands for women.

You will not find a better wrap or corset at this price! 100% money-back guarantee if you're not happy with our shaper.

Please note Its recommended you go 1 to 2 sizes up from what you normally wear.

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