What’s Most Likely to Hurt Your Fitness Goals

What’s Most Likely to Hurt Your Fitness Goals

The new year brings about many resolutions for change. And the most common resolutions year in and year out are always health and fitness related. Maybe this year you want to lose a few pounds or gain a few pounds. Perhaps you want to put on some muscle, or slim down on your muscles, or maybe you want to learn how to run a marathon or get your mile time under six minutes. Whatever your fitness goal is, there are a lot of things that could potentially get in the way. Here is what is most likely to hurt your fitness goals.

Setting Overly Ambitious Goals

The first thing that can seriously hurt you on the way towards your fitness goals is setting unrealistic, and overly ambitious goals. Having fitness goals is wonderful and necessary, you must have something specific to strive for. And setting challenging goals is important too, you want to be pushing yourself. But setting goals that are overly ambitious, like losing twenty pounds in a month, are not just nearly impossible but can also be dangerous. You should make sure that your goals are difficult but achievable safely and effectively, so that you can push yourself without going overboard.

Not Eating Enough

Another thing that can seriously hurt you and your progress towards your fitness goals is not eating enough. This is especially true for any readers who have fitness goals related to weight loss. While weight loss is fueled by a calorie’s deficit, consuming fewer calories than you burn, that doesn’t mean you should limit your calorie intake too severely. This can lead to serious health defects and can even cause your weight loss to slow or stop completely. Make sure that you are not doing things like skipping lunch in pursuit of a weight loss goal. Eating lunch can refuel you and help you avoid getting tired in the afternoon.

Poor Planning and Scheduling

The final thing that can seriously get in the way of your fitness goals is poor planning and scheduling. The truth is that sticking to a fitness plan and striving towards a health goal requires a lot of work and dedication. You need to plan time to prepare healthy meals, or get your exercise in. If you aren’t planning this out effectively, you will be tempted to skip out on workouts or healthy meals. Try to stay on top of your schedule and prioritize your fitness goals.


Having a good set of fitness goals is important for bettering your health. But just as important as having fitness goals is being aware of things that might be in your way. Focus on eliminating these three potential obstacles in your way to achieve your fitness goals this year.


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