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Essential Tips for Your Nighttime Run

Running is an excellent sport that helps individuals to stay in shape. While people may argue over the best time to run, it’s up to you when you prefer to do it. As such, many athletes prefer to go for a nighttime run. Of course, it’s important to stay safe since you’re running in the dark. Keep the following tips in mind during your next run to ensure a safe and fun time.

Wear Safe Clothing

It’s extremely difficult for drivers to see you in the dark. You always want to avoid wearing dark clothing during your nighttime run. According to Panther Vision, you can make it easier to be seen by also wearing reflective clothes, such as a vest or reflective pants. Regardless of what you choose to wear during your run, protect yourself by staying visible to those driving by.

Be Extra Careful Crossing Streets

You must practice extra caution when you’re out at night on foot. You run a greater risk of accidents since drivers may not see you. Even if they do see you, it’s still a risky situation. According to Stewart J. Guss, you should never assume that a car will stop for you even when you have the right of way. Many drivers are distracted, so runners should always be alert of what’s happening. As you’re running, it’s a safe practice to run against the traffic. This gives you the advantage of seeing cars approaching. When you choose to cross the street, always take a moment to look both ways. If the opportunity arises, try to cross at a pedestrian crosswalk. City crosswalks typically give pedestrians a signal for safe crossing. Even still, you must stay alert and watch for cars.

Use Basic Precautions

Running at night can be a dangerous undertaking if you don’t protect yourself. One of the most important steps you can take to ensure a safe run is to always let someone know you’re going on your run. If you’re unable to run with a buddy, you should at least have your cellphone with you. There are many tracking apps that can give a trusted friend or family member of your location as you travel. If you carry your cell phone with you, Lumaglow suggests that you try to not use headphones. Pedestrians must be alert of their surroundings, and headphones inhibit upcoming sounds. For example, if you’re listening to music through your earbuds, you may not hear an approaching vehicle. Additionally, it’s a safe practice to run in a well-lit location. While not all roads are heavily lit, choosing a path with lights can help you stay safe. Not only can you see your path, but drivers can also see you.

Running is such a great sport as it provides so many health benefits. If you choose to run at night, which is an excellent time to do so, it’s so important to follow some quick tips for a safe trip. You always need to wear some type of reflective clothing while running, so drivers can see you. Always check both directions before crossing streets. You should keep your cellphone with you and try to avoid using headphones. You’re sure to have a safe and beneficial run by keeping these tips in mind.

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