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Thigh Trimmer x Butt Lifter

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Thigh Trimmer x Butt Lifter

Time to get rid of the dreaded saggy lower body this year! This 2-in-1 Butt lifter & Thigh Trimmer will trim your waist, melt fat, and helps to shed water weight and cellulite on your thighs & lift your Butt! Featuring high-quality spandex, the stretchy butt lifter conforms to your unique shape for a perfect fit.

The Breathable and sweat-wicking butt lifter & thigh trimmer optimizes heat retention and fat burning progress during your workout performance. It definitely gives you a boost with rear circular cut-outs that will help you lift the buttocks in an instant!


BUTT LIFTING & SHAPING It has rear circular cut-outs that support and lifts your butt to look bigger and rounder. It actually creates volume in the rear using your own natural shape.

REDUCES APPEARANCE OF CELLULITE The superior quality fabric will hide any flaws, as it is specifically designed to deceive any skin imperfections. Accentuates your tummy, hip, and thigh by smoothing out unwanted bulges to give you a clean & confident line.

BIO-THERMAL LINING Store body heat for ultimate warmth and comfort, providing high-performance insulation. The fabric fibers retain both body warmth and the warmth generated by moisture absorption.

OPTIMUM PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION Lined with soft velvet for all-day wearing comfort and granting you a full range of motion without restriction. Keeps everything in place and offers optimum support especially when doing high-intensity exercises.

BREATHABLE & MOISTURE-WICKING Converts excess body sweat to heat dries moisture incredibly fast to prevent bacteria growth and anti-odor.

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STRETCHY INTERLOCK-KNIT Stretches not only enhancing the density to trap the heat but also offer you the ultra-flattering fit.


SNUG TO THE THIGHS: Helps perform better squats while burning more calories.



The lashing straps with the strong sticker on the waist allow customizing the fit of your brace to your exact size.



3-Strap ergonomic design allows for targeted compression, you can adjust the size yourself for your Thigh using Adjustable Sticker Design




Heat retention and compression designed for comfort, support, protection, and rehabilitation against the groin, hamstring, and thigh injuries GIRD LINING Grid Lining will not only repel moisture but limits slipping & bunching during activities.

Pro Tips:

1) This product is Not intended for use during pregnancy.

2) Please DO NOT wear the belt when sleeping.

3) Wash it with soap and water before your first use.

4) Avoid contact with the skin directly, recommend to wear an undershirt under the belt.

5) If you feel uncomfortable during the using process, recommend adjusting the tighten or reduce the using time.

6) In order to help you get your body back to its former post childbirth more quickly, we recommend you combine exercise and calorie control with the use of this product, you will see a BIG difference very soon. 

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