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Allrj 4D knee & calf sleeve

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Allrj 4D knee & calf sleeve

Stop letting knee pain stop you from your everyday routines!

This amazing total Compression Knee & calf Sleeve is designed to reduce pain associated with a variety of knee issues. 

The allrj 4D knee & calf sleeve is one of the best ways to get enhanced knee protection and to reduce your pain. It has a total compression and you can wear it all day comfortably. The best thing about this sleeve is the fact that it will keep your knees warm and relieves chronic arthritis pain. It's perfect for bodybuilding, Crossfit, or running.

If your workout schedule requires you to spend hours squatting, running or burpees, there's a good chance you've suffered some sort of knee pain. There are protective sleeves for knees on the market, but none seem to have addressed these issues properly.

The Allrj 4D Knee & calf Sleeve was created to provide users with a protective sleeve that doesn't feel like you're wearing knee pads. The wide range of features and benefits provided by this sleeve are outlined in the following bullets:


  • Wear it all day if you want to
  • Prevent muscle strains while you squat, run, burpee
  • Put it on under your pants, shorts
  • Alleviate joint pressure
  • Lessen ligament stress
  • Added lifting power like never before
  • Increase endurance and stamina

Size chart:

Size Leg Circumference
M 33 - 39 cm / 13 - 15.5 inch
L 39 - 43 cm / 15.5 - 17 inch
XL 43 - 48 cm / 17 - 19 inch
XXL 48 cm + / 19 inch +


Full-way elasticity provides more fitting and more comfortable support against the knee, it keeps the knee warm properly and relieves chronic arthritis pain.  

 High elasticity provides more fitting and more comfortable support for the knee. 

Use them for bodybuilding, Crossfit or running.  

It keeps the knee warm and relieves chronic arthritis pain. 

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