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360° LegX Air Pressure Leg Massager

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360° LegX  Air Pressure Leg Massager

The LegX Air Pressure Leg Massager is far different from your run-of-the-mill leg massager. It gives you the ability to have a massage whenever and wherever you want. This product is great for people of all ages, athletes or not. Whether recovering from an injury or just sore muscles, the LegX Air Pressure Leg Massager gives you 6 different settings with 3 intensities. The knee area has optional hot compression for those who want that nice warm feeling covering the area being massaged. Find out how our leg massager can enhance your quality of life by ordering one today!

  • The LegX Air Pressure Leg Massager offers customizable massage therapy with 6 different settings and 3 intensities
  • Features optional hot compression for the knee area for a warm and soothing sensation during your massage
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere, making it a convenient addition to your wellness routine
  • Great for people of all ages and athletes looking to improve recovery time or relieve sore muscles

What makes the 360* LegX different is the fact that it does not require a wall plug-in to use it.

There is no substitute for getting a nice massage in the comfort of your own home and this is why we're so excited to have built the  360° LegX  Air Pressure Leg Massager. This is for the people who love to take care of themselves and are athletes, non-athletes, and People who know the value of having the proper equipment at home to recover faster and stay strong.

Note: If you cannot withstand the pressure, check whether the Velcro fastener is too tight.

360 * LegX Air Pressure leg massager


Portable wireless charging: Our foot massager is equipped with a 18600 lithium-ion battery with 2400 mAh, the leg massager does not turn on the temperature, the normal service life is about 100-150 minutes and the opening temperature duration is about 40-90 minutes.

Compared to other wired massagers: there's no need for conventional plugs. You can use it in the car or when traveling without constantly sitting next to a socket.

Friendly design: easy to use: the leg massager uses a portable hand controller for cycling, which can easily change the mode and intensity, Velcro design, comfortable, and stability.

360 * LegX Air Pressure leg massager

The hand controller is easy to use: young and old can easily control the foot and leg massager via the handheld controller to enjoy the best massage mode and the intensity of the massage you like.

Safe automatic shut-off function: The leg massager has a 20-minute timer for automatic shut-off provides a safe user experience by preventing the leg massager from overheating.

6 modes & 3 intensity & heating: Easy to use with 6-speed modes, 3 modes of intensity, and heating.

The portable design allows you to use it at home, in the office, or when traveling. So you can relax your legs while saving time and money.

Perfect gift choice: Our foot massager is used to relax the muscles of the feet, knees, and thighs. This is the perfect gift for parents, family, friends, and the elderly. However, please note the symptoms listed in the instructions before using this product under the guidance of a doctor. Relax when you are tired and be together with the one you love.

This amazing leg massager has 6 modes and 3 intensities, the different pressure force is suitable for your legs and feet. The knee area has an optional hot compression function with a constant temperature keeping you nice and warm through the massage.

360 * LegX Air Pressure leg massager

Questions & Answers 

Q: Is this for one leg or two legs?

A: It's for two legs. for your health. we suggest you order items for 2 legs. and it's the best gift for your wife. your girlfriend. your mother.

Q: Is this your newest model?

A3: It is the newest 2021 style updated version

Q: Can the pressure be too low?

A: The pressure can be adjusted. you can choose the one you want. the strongest pressure will bring some pain as I have tested.

Q: Will the package be damaged during delivery?

A: Frankly speaking, generally, the package will not be damaged because we have packed it well with a protected box and It is best for the massager. very elegant gift box. But for some country's shipping services, there will inevitably be some damages.

Heating Tech at Knees

Unlike other leg massagers that do not offer any coverage at the knee part, ours have the full coverage of your legs and added the heating technology at the knee part (an optional function according to your need) for a better massage experience.

Cordless Massager:

With the cordless design, you will not be restricted by messy and tangled cables and take it anywhere you want a massage, making the massage easier. It can work about 2-3 hours upon different modes once fully charged for 4 hours.



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