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Chikita Therapy Massage Ball - Massage your trigger-points

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Chikita Therapy Massage Ball - Massage your trigger-points

This handy Massage ball is uniquely crafted with premium material.

REDUCES INFLAMMATION, STIFFNESS, AND SORENESS: Double massage balls increase circulation in targeted areas which effectively reduces inflammation, soreness, and localized pain. It can be used on any muscle group, as well as on the feet to relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

EFFECTIVE SELF MASSAGE AND EASY PORTABILITY: The double massage lacrosse balls are 2.5” in diameter, the perfect size for effective, concentrated massage. Double Lacrosse massage balls are perfect for myofascial release, trigger point therapy, loosening knots and providing deep tissue massage. Lacrosse balls are extremely portable in a convenient nylon gear bag. Perfect for use at the gym, in the office or at home.

GREAT FOR PRE OR POST WORKOUT: Useful for CrossFit, yoga, and many other fitness programs, the double massage balls can be used to increase flexibility and range of motion before workouts. Also helpful for relaxing tense and sore muscles following intense activities.

More benefits:

1. These massage balls can help stimulate blood circulation, Increases blood flow to promote healing.

2. High-quality Professional massage ball with premium hardened material.

3. It is small enough to take with you anywhere. portable and suitable for the office staff, athletes, old men, and women. It is also suitable for pets.

4. It can massage muscles, put on the palms and soles of the feet or body parts, pressuring and extruding to stimulate the skin. relieve tension and effectively ease the feeling of fatigue, offering an invigorating massage.

5. Catch a good calm effect when massaged on acupuncture points or the trigger points of injury.

6. Great for Full body massaging, Such as your palms, tired feet, hands, ankle, arms, neck, and back, etc.

Whether you're heavy into sports and need to massage your prime trigger points this is the best way to do in a safe way.

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