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Dual Wooden Foot Massager

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Made of Schima Superba wood this beautifully crafted foot massager is great for relaxing and getting a quality foot massage.  Use it at home or take it with you to work! 

If you want an environmentally friendly product not made out of harmful plastics then this is the product for you.

Material: Schima Superba Wood
Product size: 27*17*5CM

Product Features:

1.Touches and applies perfect pressure to the most relevant points of your foot.

2.High-strength and tough natural wood material, no cracks, no rot, easy to clean.

3.Combining Chinese traditional massage concepts, promotes blood circulation through massage, effectively relieves fatigue in the waist and legs.

4.Massage can relax the body and relieve stress. It is especially suitable for people who are living under high stress for a long time and reduce fatigue.  


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