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Allrj Tactical Flashlight - the most powerful flashlight

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Allrj Tactical Flashlight - the most powerful flashlight

The Allrj Tactical Flashlight is an advanced and powerful flashlight for any outdoor enthusiast or professional. With its durable construction and high-powered beam, this flashlight is the perfect companion for camping, hiking, hunting, and emergency situations. 

This flashlight features a durable body that is waterproof and shock-resistant, making it the perfect choice for any adventure. The powerful beam can reach up to 1000 feet, making it the most powerful flashlight on the market.

With its long-lasting battery life and easy-to-use design, the Allrj Tactical Flashlight is the ultimate tool for any outdoor enthusiast or professional.

  • Allrj Tactical Flashlight was built in 2022 with the newest upgrade XHP70.2 LED lamp beads,which supports a maximum output of 100,000 lumens and a maximum irradiation distance of 1000m.The High Lumens Flashlights is about 10 times of the brightness of an ordinary P50 flashlight.
  • Allrj LED Flashlight is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy. Our Flashlights is the heaviest under the same size and the smallest under the same weight. So that it provides a better heat dissipation effect to this rechargeable flashlight. The whole body with non-slip design is very suitable to be tactical flashlights, which could protect ourselves well in emergency situations.
  • The Flashlight can support our rechargeable led flashlight to work for 5-8 hours. Built in reverse connection protection,Over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection. Choose Allrj led flashlights high lumens to avoid  inconvenience and pain .
  • Rechargeable flashlights high lumens is with a convex lens and a telescopic head. Stretch to expand the irradiation distance and pull back to expand the irradiation range. One-button design is simple to between the five modes. High-Medium-Low-Flash-SOS. Please note that the brightest flashlight is in high mode every time once turned on. You could turn off the high lumen flashlight after cycling through all the five modes or press and hold on the switch button for 5 seconds in any mode.

Packing list:

Small white box/flashlight, USB cable, 26650 battery, small white box/flashlight, USB cable, 26650 battery, USB charger, gift bo

Disclaimer: This is NOT a Toy and should ONLY be operated by an adult outside in certain situations where light is absolutely required.


Beautifully designed and water resistant..

Package contents: one super bright flashlight, one product manual, Attention please,check the manual before use. Avoid unnecessary damage to the 100000 lumen flashlight.

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