Replenish and Refuel: Post-workout Drinks Your Body Needs for Better Hydration and Recovery

Replenish and Refuel: Post-workout Drinks Your Body Needs for Better Hydration and Recovery

Making sure that you stay hydrated during your workout is critical to staying healthy. It can also impact your results. Protein after a hard session of weight lifting can reduce muscle soreness the next day.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk will replace carbs and provide you with protein. If you can tolerate chocolate milk, it's an enjoyable and cost-effective option. Timing is also key. If you work out more than an hour, you will need a recovery beverage. Water is important as it reduces your risk of the dangers and discomforts of dehydration, but chocolate milk can provide your body with what it lacks after a long workout. If your workout is 30 minutes or less, chocolate milk may be more calories than you need. For lifters or those who like to train on stairs, chocolate milk offers whey-based protein. If you can consume milk products, whey-based proteins can reduce the muscle soreness you may suffer after a hard workout.

Sports Drinks

Our muscles move under the direction of electrical impulses. Your electrolyte level can be impacted by a hard workout and a lot of sweating. If you've ever suffered from bad muscle cramps after a workout, your electrolytes were probably out of balance. Electrolyte supplements come in some tasty flavors. Try several to find one you like. In order to help your body recover after a workout, rehydrate with electrolyte replacement sports drinks to replenish what you lost. Remember that these drinks often come with added calories. Once you've addressed your electrolyte needs, keep drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


During your workout, it's a good idea to drink enough water to replace what you're losing through perspiration. The hotter the temperature, the more water you need. Adding a drink that offers carbs, protein and electrolytes is a great idea for your post-workout routine. It's important to note that the symptoms of dehydration can show up hours after a workout. Some sufferers find they get a headache in the afternoon or develop a dry mouth as the day goes on. Supplementation is important, but you need to drink water all day long for optimum health.

Getting in a hard workout is a great way to build good health, but focusing on what you need to recover is just as important as your exercise. Chocolate milk can keep things simple and avoid the expense of protein shakes. Sports drinks come in a wide range of flavors, so you should be able to find one you like. Remember, though, to also drink plenty of water.

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