How to Get Your Core Muscles in Shape

How to Get Your Core Muscles in Shape

Whipping your body and mind into shape is going to take time. It’s important not to neglect any muscle groups–especially your core. Here are some of the best things you can do to start strengthening your core in the beginning.

Hit the Mat

There’s not a lot that’s better than just doing some core exercises. The most versatile options with the most far-reaching results are going to be on the mat. Sit-ups are essential in any core routine. Find something to comfortably position your feet underneath, so you don’t raise your legs. 

There are several variations of the sit-up to work out your core muscles in different ways. You can raise your arms and legs up in conjunction, bringing your elbows and knees together over your torso. You can also raise your legs straight up into the air and keep them there while you do sit-ups and attempt to touch your toes, your arms extended upwards.

Swim Laps

A lot of people think of swimming exercises as being primarily for the legs and arms. The reality is that swimming offers a complete, whole-body workout. The necessity to keep your body suspended in water requires a kind of core strength and flexibility that you don’t normally find in sports. 

Try swimming laps with a variety of strokes in order to variate the parts of the core that you are exercising. Learn how to properly do the backstroke and the freestyle. The butterfly stroke in particular helps you work out your abdominal muscles. Swimming is also a great option because of how accessible it is to people of many different fitness levels.

Find Exercises That Are Best For You

There is a huge variety of ways to strengthen your core. There are alternatives for people who struggle to even do one sit-up. There are alternatives for people with injuries that make physical exercises difficult. There are versions you can do sitting down, lying down, or standing up. 

One given exercise will often have ways to make it both more difficult and less difficult, which you should adjust according to your fitness level. The internet has a wealth of fitness blogs, YouTube channels, and more that will help you explore.

Consistency is going to be what brings real improvement. After committing to improving your core, the best thing you can do is to work on it every day–even if it’s just for fifteen minutes. Consistent exercise with a good diet will bring faster results than anything else. 

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