Five Female Fitness Fanatics with Fantastic Figures

Five Female Fitness Fanatics with Fantastic Figures

The vast majority of fitness professionals is spread to all corners of social media, print advertisement, television, and other such outlets. These outlets create the setting needed for these professionals to let their work shine. Balancing the celebrity that comes with becoming a fitness sensation is not easy, and upkeep is consistently required. The females mentioned below have taken their workout routines, fitness instructional, and overall body figures to new heights. Our list expands upon some of the hottest professionals on attributes of physical appearance, social outreach, and overall success within the marketplace.

Jillian Michaels

Amongst the list of fitness fanatics with figures and a following, no woman has garnered the attention that Jillian Michaels had. Michaels got her big break on TV with the airing of the hit show "The Biggest Loser." Michaels would be deferred as a weight loss coach, creating programs and routines to help contestants shed pounds quickly. Her accolades span far beyond the television and tailor to the print learners as well. She has successfully written a few books, primarily finding stamina in the diet and healthy food consumption space. She has worked with drug and health professionals to develop her own brand of supplements and weight loss boosters. Her background features heavy treatment in the field of martial arts, plyometrics, kettlebell work, and yoga. Due to this rich coverage in workout types, Michael's has enhanced her body to be both toned and fit, creating a fantastic appearance people can strive to achieve.

Heidi Powell

A trainer and specialist in her mid-30s, Heidi Powell has garnered America's attention through her work on television, in print, and via social media outlets. Heidi Powell is the lovely wife of men's fitness professional Chris Powell. This duo teamed up for work on the hit show "Extreme Weight Loss." This show ran successfully for a few seasons, spreading Heidi's consistency of work to a global market. This led to the production of books, webisodes, and other such viral sensations that help people get on track with their weight loss and fitness goals. Heidi is also a mother of 4 and fans of her television shows will remember how quickly she got herself back into shape post-pregnancy. This is one hot momma who continues to spread her story to mothers and people who have little free time on their hands.

Aimee Buchler

Aimee is a personal fitness trainer and fitness fanatic that is well-versed in many subcategories of this topic. Her work extends to the online and social media platforms, tailoring a blog to the latest research and findings she has discovered. Her goals are to help people discover the proper balance in their diet, fitness routines, and day-to-day life. Her specialties include meditation, kickboxing, weight lifting, cardio training, and nutritional planning. She has participated in many different photo shoots for fitness magazines, showing off her muscle combination with a slim physique. Her body type is petite, but her transformations and results round her to the top of the fitness fanatics conversation. Her work is also readily available and consistently altered for success, which is something not all fanatics can claim.

Jen Heward

Reaching into the social media depths, we have Jen Heward. Heward is a do-it-all fitness professional. She is a fitness model, an Instagram sensation, a dietary specialist, and a trainer who has trained across many different facets of fitness. Her areas of expertise, as far as bodywork is concerned, center highly on the legs, thighs, glutes, abdominals, biceps, and triceps. Her work helps women and men center their attention on the waistline in hopes of shredding stubborn fat in prime areas. Her social media success has allowed her to spread her expertise to a global marketplace, allowing parties from all over the globe utilize her skill set to obtain the shape they want to be in.

Jennifer Nicole Lee

Our last success story comes from another mom who shaped her body to new heights after birthing two children. The JNL success story centers around Jennifer and her strive to lose 70 pounds post-pregnancy. People latched on to her story, and her brand has reached new heights since gaining this massive following. Jennifer now operates her own fitness clubs, works as a motivational speaker and writer, and continues to train those who want to shed pounds quickly. This mother of 2 shaped her body into a paragon for all women to strive for. Her story is both relatable and well tracked, allowing women into the bare-bone details needed to host their own weight loss success stories.

What did you think of our list? Are there any you think we forgot? Leave a comment down below! Don’t forget to check out our clothes and accessories to make your workout rock!

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